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Bishop Victor D. Agee

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Bishop Victor D. Agee of New Vision

Bishop Victor D. Agee accepted his call to the gospel ministry at the age of 21, and was ordained on July 17, 1985 by order of the Greater Exodus Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago, Illinois, under the pastorate of Rev. John Whitehead, Sr.

On April 11th of 1993, Bishop Agee organized Praise Temple Church Baptist of Chicago, Illinois. The church was renames Praise Temple of Restoration in 2003. The ministry began to flourish under Bishop Agee’s dynamic preaching, anointed teaching, and passion for people. As such, Praise Temple serves as a dynamic ministry of restoration with an effective outreach in areas of youth, evangelism, social services, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. He is a celebrated religious television and radio personality and served as a board member on the LeadersNetwork.

In July 1994, Bishop Agee aligned his ministry with the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, International under the direction of Bishop Larry D. Trotter. During his tenure with the FGBCF, Bishop Agee served as State Director of Ministerial Alliance; District Overseer of Illinois Western District; 1st Assistant to Bishop of Illinois Simon Gordon; 1st Assistant to the Bishop of District Overseers, and Council Member for Field Operations. In July of 2006, Bishop Agee was appointed and officially installed as the State Overseer of Illinois. In June of 2008, he was duly consecrated to the sacred office of “Bishop” in our Lord’s Church by the hand of Presiding Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.

Bishop Agee served as State Bishop of Illinois for 10 years and received holy orders to also cover the State of Wisconsin additionally for 3 years.

Bishop Agee is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He was educated in the Maywood, Illinois Public School System. He is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute a degree in Biblical Studies and Trinity International University with a B.A. Degree in Intercommunications.

Additionally, under the tutelage of Bishop Andy Lewter, he studied in the School of Episcopacy with an intensive program consisting of course-work in partnership with Howard University, Beulah Heights University, and Regent University. Bishop Agee's concentration is Liturgical Emphasis of the Church.

Bishop Agee was an active participant in civic activities in the Chicagoland area and an advocate for the disenfranchised and outcasts. His passion and desire is to reach out to those individuals who are lost, broken, and living on the peripheral edge of society, with the love of God, and the message of Jesus Christ, the Good News of the Gospel.

The ministry of Bishop Agee is not restricted to the United States but his influence and work assigned to his hand are global by way of preaching, teaching, humanitarian service in Jamaica, Bahamas, Ghana West Africa, Liberia West African, Kenya East Africa, Istanbul Turkey and Israel.

After prayer and contemplation, Bishop Victor Agee accepted the request of his covenant brother, Bishop Andre L. Jackson, to continue the work and pastor New Vision Baptist Church after his transition.

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