Furnace Replacement Go Fund Me

As is our custom, we have continued to attempt to be a blessing to others in this season of giving. Unfortunately, as winter has rapidly overcome us with sub-zero temperatures, it is we find ourselves in need of a timely blessing.

In short, our stumbling furnace has now completely failed, succumbing to the stress of the rapid and frigid temperature change, and needs immediate and complete replacement. We had already implemented a financial plan to replace the furnace by Spring 2023, however the complete disintegration of our furnace has placed us in a position of immediate financial need. In order for ministry to our membership and community to continue, both inside and outside of the cathedral, we need your assistance.

In our current state, worship services and ministry meetings/functions will need to be greatly reduced, as space heaters are the only source of protection from the winter elements. A replacement furnace for a cathedral the size of ours will come at a cost that far exceeds the funds that we have already collected for months toward this effort. In order to replace the furnace, restore our welcoming home, and for New Vision’s multi-faceted ministry to continue, we need to raise $30,000 immediately.

In this season of giving and renewal, our plea is that you give as much as you can, as soon as you can, and help us share this plea for support as broadly as possible. Your generous gift is greatly needed and appreciated.

Your support will help make the difference for this anchor of the community. We thank you in advance for being a blessing as we continue our mission into the new year.

To learn more about our church and all that we do, click https://cathedralnj.org/ to access our website.