New Vision Leadership

Administrative Staff
Sis. Celesta Silvera, Executive Administrator
Sis. Gail Smith, Director of Ministry Affairs and Operations

Ministerial Staff
Rev. Caroline Eason

Deacons Ministry
Margo Wright, Director
Tracy Forbes
George Bell
David Burrell
Travis Sweeney
Brenda Garner
Grady Waltower
Anthony Ellis
James Battle
Jeanette Battle
Lottie Gadson

Trustee Board
Iris Ramos
Gail Baskerville-Norris
Tracey Forbes
Gail Smith
Joyce Jackson
Dorothy Wigfall

Ministry Leaders
Deacon Tracey Forbes ~ Men’s Ministry (MOVE)
Sis. Valerie Curtis ~ Women’s Ministry (WOVE)
Sis. Dorothy Wigfall ~ Greeter’s Ministry
Sis. Florist Jones ~ Doorkeeper’s Ministry
Sis. Dorothy Tillman ~ Missionary Workers
Sis. Lee Montana ~ Nurse’s Ministry
Sis. Elizabeth Jackson ~ Pastor’s Care
Sis. Cassandra McQueen ~ Young Adult Ministry
Sis. Genevieve Chapman & Sis. Valerie Curtis ~ Youth Ministry
Sis. Robyn Trent Jefferson ~ Sunday School
Sis. Alice Bell ~ Mass Choir

Music Ministry Staff
Elder Aaron Lauren  ~ Minister of Music
Elder Lauren Melton   ~ Assistant Minister of Music
Sis. Devetta Walker  ~ Music Manager
Bro. Jeffrey Campbell  ~ Organist
Bro. Robert Hooker ~ Bass Player
Bro. LaMont Terry  ~ Percussionist

Technical Support Staff
Bro. Keith Inzar
Sis. Alice Bell
Sis. Micah Wright
Bro. A.J. Wright
Bro. Tavon Caldwell

Building and Grounds Management Team
Deacon Travis Sweeney
Bro. Leon Eddy
Deacon Tracey Forbes
Deacon David Burrell